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Alternative State Quarantine Package

In collaboration with World Medical Hospital




What is the cost of your room package?

  • THB 47,000 NET for single stay in Deluxe room (40 sqm.) 15 nights/16 days.

  • THB 60,000 NET for single stay in Deluxe Suite (55 sqm.) 15 nights/16 days.

  • THB 95,000 NET for double stay in Family Suite (94 sqm.) 15 nights/16 days.

How can I make a reservation?

How many persons are allowed in a room? What if I come with my husband or wife?

  • 1 person per room and maximum

  • 2 person max for husband and wife (a proof document marriage certificate is required)


Can my child stay with me? And if so, what is the cost?

  • Child below 12 years old is THB 35,000 net per person for 15 nights/ 16 days (stay with father or mother)


Do you provide connecting rooms?

  • Yes, we do. Two bedrooms each with a king-sized bed, and each has its own en-suite bathroom, TV and dressing area.


Can friends or unmarried couples share a hotel room?

  • No, only married couples and families can share a room.

How many COVID-19 tests are provided?

  •  Two complimentary Covid-19 tests are provided per stay by the hospital on day 5 and day 13.


When and how do I make payment?

  • Full-prepayment is required by credit card or bank transfer in order to confirm the reservation. If otherwise, non-guaranteed reservation will be cancelled within 24 hrs.


Which hospital are you partnered with?

  • We are partnered with World Medical Hospital (WMC).



How many meals do you provide?

  • 3 selection menu per time/ 3 meals per day.

Are we able to select our meal? And what are our choices?

  • Yes, we will provide you a choice of meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Choices are varied with local, western, Indian and vegetarian meals available.

Do you offer Muslim and/or halal food?

  • We do not have ‘halal’ food, however, we can provide meals that are pork free.


Do you offer vegetarian meals?

  • Yes, we offer vegetarian meals.

Do you provide room service?

  • Yes, room service is available from a limited snack menu.

Is there a minibar in the room?

  • Yes, there is a minibar. Some items are at an additional cost. 




Are we allowed to order food from outside?

  • As per the latest rules & regulations provided by the government the below is NOT ALLOWED:

    • Uncooked food, e.g. raw eggs, raw fish or meat, however, fruit and vegetables are allowed.

    • Food without FDA label.

    • Yogurt or pasteurised items.

    • Drugs, narcotics and all alcoholic beverages

    • Antipyretics/fever reducing medicine

    • Anything from food delivery services (NO GRAB, LINEMAN, Foodpanda and such). Home-cooked food may be delivered in person from relatives who are required to sign a release form.

    • Restricted items such as knives, cutter blades or firearms/guns.


Do you allow smoking in the room?

  • No, we do not allow smoking in the room.


Do your rooms have windows?

  • Yes, we have. 

Do your rooms have a balcony?

  • No, we do not have a balcony.

Is there a bathtub in the room?

  • Yes, we provide a bathtub in the room.


Do you provide WiFi?

  • Yes, WiFi is complimentary.

What type of TV do you have and what channels do you have?

  • LCD TV with national and international channels.


Do you provide laundry service?

  • Yes, we have (additional charge)

Do you have a swimming pool?

  • Yes, we have but temporarily closed during ASQ period

Do you have a gym?

  • Yes, we do.

Are we allowed out of the room? If so, when and what facilities are available for use?

  • Arrival until day 6​

    • You are not allowed to leave the hotel room until day 7.  On day 5 a swab test will be performed, results provided on day 6, and providing your test results are negative, you will be able to make use of the rooftop relaxing area from day 7 onwards. 

  • Day 7 onwards

    • You are allowed out of the room for the first time from day 7, upon receiving a negative Covid-19 test result, for a maximum of 30 minutes per time.​

    • We have an outdoor ‘relaxing area’ on the rooftop, 9th floor of the hotel, equipped with a couple of sun loungers, chairs, tables and umbrellas for your use.  Use of this space is on a first come, first served basis.

  • Day 14 onward

    • From day 14 onwards and provided your Covid-19 test is negative, you will be allowed to use the hotel gym.

Do I need to make an advanced reservation to use the relaxing area and gym?

  • As space is limited and social distancing rules need to be observed, it is recommended that you book your space at least one day in advance.  Reservations are made on a first come, first served basis.

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